Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More Windmills

... in the high desert


Mads said...

Whew ....hullo..oooo...just saw your comment ..what a pleasant surprise !!! . extremely humbled to see you signing my guest book ..Am overawed by your profile and the awesome brilliant pics !!
During my cyber -loafing have crossed path with amazing folks ..This is serendipity at its purest !!
Have worked as free- lancer and had beautiful experiences and seen some out of the world program mes..from my country as well as from abroad thought of just penning down some interesting tit bits here and there - No great author as such !! :))
50 years in broadcasting ?? That's just GREAT !! What an enriching life you had ..and the pics are just marvelous ..Thanx so much for the footfalls on my page.. Wish U more of life and more from life !! Will keep chirping with you .. Am so impulsive keep getting into some mess or the other !!!!! have some off line troubles !!!! have to settle some issues !! Before you think I am just nuts ..I halt here .
Thanks so much again for dropping in . Warm regds ~ Madhu :)

Bill said...

Thanks, Mads!