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Hope rises...


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The story of the apple tree...

From the time we moved into our house, about 30 years ago, we loved having the old apple tree near the back door.  But just a few years later we noticed that the leaves didn’t seem all healthy, and the apples were not at all good.  We decided to have the tree cut down just over 20 years ago.  We kept the stump for displaying garden art.  Somehow it belonged.  The following season we noticed a couple of shoots coming out of the ground around the stump.  Fast forward another couple of years, and we decided to let the shoots grow--- and grow they did!  Somehow the heart of the tree was still alive and was sending up new “limbs”.  It turned into quite a nice tree as the old stump rotted away.  Then we got a big surprise:  4 years ago the “limbs” sprouted a blossom or two!  And then the following year there were more blossoms and even 3 or 4 apples!  Last year the blossoms were magnificent and there was a bumper crop of apples.  There are blossoms galore this year, and we’re expecting more apples to follow!  The apples still aren’t very tasty, but the critters love them!  

I have no idea if other apple trees have this much will to survive, but we love this one!  I just took this picture on Saturday, and I think it’s perfect for Mother’s Day.


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