Sunday, November 29, 2020

Coming and...

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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The Dalles Dam on the Columbia River (At The Dalles, Oregon)

The dam was completed in 1957-- flooding Celilo Falls where for a thousand years Native Americans fished and traded with others from large parts of what is now the US.  The structure in the foreground is one of the remaining buildings from the historic Shaker Indian Fishing Village--Built in the 1890s.  The remains have been listed in the National Historic Register since the 1970's, but there has been no real effort to maintain the site.  Not much is left. Tomorrow -- the bridge over to the Washington side.

Monday, November 9, 2020

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Mt. Hood (named after a British admiral, Lord Hood, who never saw it) looms in the distance and what looks like an old vault is all that's left of what used to be a small town just south of The Dalles--- We have a lot more to see of the Columbia and the hills that rise above it.


Left behind...

The next stop on the Columbia River Highway is The Dalles-- A medium size town that was an important stop for settlers in their covered wagons heading west.  They had to head South from The Dalles because there was no way to get their wagons trough The Gorge.  The country South of the The Dalles is mostly farmland-- cattle, wheat, hay-- and lots of sagebrush.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Going down...

From Rowena Crest, the Historic Columbia River Highway between Mosier and The Dalles

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